1. Questions regarding registrations and login

=> You need to fill every required detail during the registration. The details are sent for verification,they will verify your profile as soon as they accept you as a genuine user, you will be sent a success email.through that email you can login to matrimonial. only genuine users permitted by the gsnp+ officials are present here on the matrimonial.

2. Questions regarding sending requests.

=> You can send only 3 requests at a time. you can cancel the sent request to send another request.you can again send requests after your sent requests are accepted or rejected by the requested users.

3. Questions regarding accepting requests.

=> You can check the information given by the requesting user , after you check the information it is your decision to reject or accept the request.

4. Questions regarding the meeting procedure.

=> As soon as the requests are accepted, the gsnp+ officials will contact both sides in 1-3 days regarding the meeting details.

5. Questions regarding deletion of account.

=> You can delete the account whenever you want.the gsnp+ officails can also delete your account if they think you are misusing your account the deletion is permanent .if you wish to continue using matrimonial again after the deletion of the account ,you will have to register again.

6. Questions regarding editing your profile.

=> You can edit your profile at any time,the changes won't be displayed until the gsnp+ officials verify the changes. as soon as the verification is done ,the changes will be displayed.

7. Questions regarding the information shared between users.

=> The information shared between users include your first name, date of birth,caste, subcaste ,religion,educational profile, job profile(organisation name not shared), number of family members.no direct information which will reveal your identity is shared